“Akki and the Tree of Souls” is a 2D video game that narrates the journey of Akki, a young Waorani who must choose her path to reincarnation. The decisions you make will grant you amulets to awaken the spirit of your guide animal and decide the fate of your soul in its next life.

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The Waorani culture through a 2D video game

A legend of the Ecuadorian Amazon

This idea was born in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador and relates a belief of the Waorani community. In their worldview, when their spirits die they travel to the tree of souls to be judged according to their actions during their earthly life. Depending on these, they wake up their guide animal, to run against it and thus be able to reincarnate.

The mysteries of the worldview of an ancient culture

For the Waorani each animal species represents a level of strength, the jaguar is the strongest animal in which everyone wants to reincarnate. If your earthly actions were good, you face the race against the jaguar and if you win, you reincarnate in that animal. On the other hand, if your actions were not the best you compete against a boa. If you win you become a rodent or a small animal but if you lose your soul it becomes a termite that will remain forever in the tree of souls.

making of Akki and the Tree of Souls

Akki and the tree of souls was created entirely with the industry-leading UNITY game engine and the C# programming language, being this intuitive, developer-friendly and versatile platform for distributing the game on various operating systems, it is perfect for this project.