“Urku and the journey of being” is a 2D video game that accompanies Willay on his journey of self-discovery, as a young shaman from the Amazonian community of Quijos, inside the Sumaco volcano; to connect with the spirit of the mountain and save his people from an imminent attack.

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Live the adventure of a forgotten culture

Explore the depths of a sacred volcano

Urku Sumaco is located in the Ecuadorian jungle and inside it exists a vast and ancient kingdom, full of creatures and spirits.

As a young shaman from the Amazonian Quijos community you will venture on a journey of self-discovery, unravel the mysteries of Urku and defeat its enemies.

Discover your skills and fulfill your ancestral mission

Urku, the journey of being, is a challenging 2D action adventure. You will explore the different areas of the volcano, fight creatures and escape intricate traps, all to find the spirit of the volcano and save your people from extinction.

  • Explore vast and mystical environments.
  • Solve puzzles in an ancient language.
  • Evolve with powerful new abilities

Art, inspired by the Quijos Culture

The world of Urku comes to life with vivid settings, characters, items, and details based on the cultural identity of the Quijos community. Its environments filled with mystical animals and spirits, each drawn and animated by hand in a traditional 2D style.

Each new area you’ll discover is wonderfully unique, packed with new creatures and characters. The world of Urku is worth exploring just to take in the sights and discover its hidden wonders.


The graphic style of the video game emphasizes the spiritual life, the connection with nature and the cultural identity of Quijos using impressionistic digital illustrations with a color palette that reflects tranquility but at the same time mystery and magic. The animation used in the game is traditional 2D style, using the pose-to-pose method.

making of urku, the journey of being

Urku, the journey of being was created entirely with the industry-leading UNITY game engine and the C# programming language, being this intuitive, developer-friendly and versatile platform for distributing the game on various operating systems, it is perfect for this project.